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What did the Romans Do for Us?

The Romans brought many things to Britain that we probably wouldn't have otherwise. Here is a list of some of them....

The Calendar

The Calendar with 365 days, the names of the Months and Leap Years.


Towns, including London, York and Bath, and any with 'chester' or 'cester' in it's name.


Straight roads, with drainage, allowing travel from place to place much more easily.

Building materials

Cement, Bricks, Glass


The Romans liked to be clean and have baths, so they needed to get water into their bath houses. They built aqueducts and channels, and also used lead to make pipes. In fact the word "Plumber" comes from the Roman word for Lead - Plumbum.

As well as having shared bath houses to have a wash, the Romans also had shared toilets with sewers to wash everthing away. This helped keep the towns and streets clean, and avoided disease spreading. Compare that to the Middle Ages, when they dumped everthing in the streets!


The remains of Roman building can be found all over the country. You can find Tiles and Pottery, and even Roman coins if you are lucky. There are larger remains too, such as Hadrians Wall, as well as the Roman Baths at Bath, and Lullingstone Roman Villa.


Rabbits may have been found in Britain before Roman times, but Romans certainly brought rabbits with them when they came to Britain, not as cuddly pets, but for their dinner! In fact the spread of rabbits over Europe seems to match the spread of the Roman Empire. Obviously dinner hopped away sometimes!

Other food

Apples, Pears, Turnips, Carrots, Grapes

Let us know if you think of any more


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