Policy Documents

Please click on the links below to view some of our policies.

Policy LinkWhat the policy is about
Accessibility PlanThis sets out our objectives for 2016-18 to help make our school more accessible for everyone, especially those with special needs and disabilities. 
AttendanceOur attendance policy contains information for parents about attendance and absence. Please also see out separate page on attendance in the Useful Information section.
Anti-BullyingInformation about what bullying looks and our procedures for dealing with incidents.
BehaviourPromoting positive behaviour is our behaviour and discipline policy.    This policy is led by our governors’ statement of behaviour principles.
ChargingThis is our charging and remissions policy and outlines the activities or cases in which charges will be made to parents.
ComplaintsThis is our policy and procedure for dealing with complaints.
Data Protection Privacy NoticeThis document explains what information we hold, how we hold it and how and to whom we transfer it.
Drug Education and Incident policyThis document sets out what is in place to help educate children and keep them safe.
Early years This document outlines out approach for children in Reception in their first year in our school.
Equality at Crockham HillThis document sets out the aims of the school regarding equality for our community. It also details our current Equality objectives. 
E-safetyCrockham Hill believes that online/e-safety is an essential part of safeguarding children. This document sets out our current policy but, as of Spring 2017, we are in the process of consulting with relevant stakeholder groups to update it.
Health & SafetyThis document sets out how we plan to keep people safe and healthy at school.
HomeworkInformation about homework, what may be set and expectations for each class.
Looked After ChildrenInformation about how this group of vulnerable pupils is supported in our school.
Marked AptitudesThis document tells you about how we identify, support and challenge those children often referred to as ‘more able’, ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’.
Marking and FeedbackThis document shares information about how we respond to children’s learning to allow them to move their learning forward.
Maths Calculation PolicyInformation to support parents to understand how calculations are taught in our school.
Medical Needs  This is our policy for supporting pupils with medical needs in our school.  This is currently being reviewed by stakeholder groups and due for update in Summer 2017.
Safeguarding and Child Protection This policy sets out how we aim to keep children safe. It also covers aspects relating to other members of our school community eg, staff.
SREThis is our policy about sex and relationships education for the children in our school.