P.E. and Sports Grant

This funding is provided to each school to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of our pupils so that they can develop healthy lifestyles.We are required to report on how we use these funds and the difference made to P.E. and Sport in our school as a result.

Crockham Hill C E Primary School has a strong base onto which to add this funding. P.E. lessons, taught by class teachers, observed during our latest Ofsted inspection in June 2013 were graded as outstanding. School teams are regularly successful in local competitive sports, e.g. 2016 EDSA Tag Rugby Tournament Winners, 2013-2015 annual winners of the EDSA swimming gala, , EDSA Cross Country 2nd place team, Sevenoaks Schools District Schools Event Small Schools Winners. Over time individual pupils have participated successfully at regional and national levels. Support for sport and physical activity extra-curricular clubs is strong. Pupils triggering concerns from weight checks in Year R and Year 6 are rare.

PE AND SPORTS GRANT April 2015- March 2016

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Last year spending was allocated to the following activities:

  • Employing the services of a local School Sports Partnership Leader (SSPL) to provide training for pupils and staff in practical PE and sports activities and support for the school’s PE and Sports Leader in curriculum development for the new National Curriculum. This included training sessions on tri-golf and ‘agility, balance and co-ordination’ skills for teachers in all year groups.
  • The purchase of new equipment and materials to support teaching and learning of PE and sports.
  • The purchase of new equipment and materials to support physical activity for all pupils at playtimes.
  • The purchase of equipment for physical development programmes for our most physically challenged pupils.
  • The provision of additional extra-curricular sports club by employed sports coaches.
  • Access to the first ever schools’ triathlon training day at Hever Castle for all year 6 pupils. This gave all children access to national level athletes and their coaching expertise for the triathlon disciplines.
  • Subscriptions to allow access to a range of sporting events and organisations.

What impact was been seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment as a result, to ensure that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles?

  • All staff benefited from teaching by a trained School Sports Partnership Leader and were able to include new activities and new skills in their P.E. lessons.
  • Children regularly access skipping, basketball skills, four square and a range of physical games at playtimes.
  • The school increased its opportunities for intra-school competition. e.g. dodgeball tournament, Charity Fun Run, and sport had a high profile in the school culminating in the departing headteacher’s sporting celebration event.
  • New resources were available to support the teaching of the new PE curriculum for September 2014.
  • Parent and pupil feedback recognised Sport and Physical Activity as a strength of the school including P.E., Sporting extra-curricular clubs, inter-school competition and intra-school sporting activity.
  • Pupils exhibit high levels of activity at playtimes, including using equipment provided to encourage independent and co-operative activity.
  • As a school obesity or inactivity are unusual.
  • Pupils achieve high levels of physical skills in school, in school clubs and as members of sporting clubs out of school.